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A modern residential structure.

A contemporary timber house is a modern residential structure that incorporates timber as a primary building material while embracing sleek and minimalist design elements. The house features a combination of timber and other materials, such as glass and steel, to create a clean and sophisticated aesthetic. The timber is used for the structural frame, creat- ing a warm and natural element throughout the house. The roof design can vary, ranging from flat roofs to gently slop- ing or asymmetrical designs, depending on the architectural style. The walls may consist of timber panels, cladding, or a combination of materials, providing both insulation and a visually appealing texture. Large windows are a prominent feature, allowing ample natural light to fill the interior spaces and offering stunning views of the surroundings. The interior design often emphasizes open floor plans, minimalistic furnishings, and clean lines, creating a sense of spaciousness and simplicity.

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Progress Real Estate L.L.C houses can be made on request with the possibility of replacement. So, if you change a country, take the home with you.